About the Symposium

The 3rd Asian Materials Data Symposium (AMDS2012) will be held at Okinawa Jichikaikan in Naha, Japan, on April 15-18, 2012.
The objective of the symposium is to provide a forum where a broad range of people interested in materials databases -- managers, developers, distributors and users --
meet and exchange their views. The symposium program will include invited talks by world-renowned speakers in addition to contributed presentations (oral and poster).

Prof. Teruo Kishi (Japan)
Former President of NIMS
Honorary Chair

Toshio Ogata (Japan)
General Chair

Masayoshi Yamazaki (Japan)
Secretary General

Concerning Radiation Safety in Japan

The tropical island of Okinawa, where the Symposium will be held, is more than 1,800 km southwest of the area hit by the March 11 earthquake/tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Please be assured that Okinawa is unaffected and the life there is normal without any blackouts or shortage of goods.

Symposium Program (Draft)

Invited Speakers

Prof. Krishna Rajan Iowa State University (USA)
Prof. Graham Sims National Physical Laboratory (UK)
Dr. Jae Heung Lee Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (Korea)
Prof. Xuanhui Qu University of Science & Technology Beijing (China)
Dr. Tim Austin European Commission (Netherlands)
Prof. Akira Nagashima Keio University (Japan)